If you want it done right, do it yourself. That is our slogan. Here, you will never be handed off to a greenhorn attorney or paralegal.  Mr. Shaw handles all of his cases personally. If his case load is too big for one attorney to handle properly, he will not accept your case. This way nothing gets missed. You get the best representation possible. Mr. Shaw does hire staff to assist with his work. The only time another attorney is used, however, is when he is acting pro hoc vice (i.e., when it is required by law).  Check below to see if Mr. Shaw is presently accepting new cases.


     Mr. Shaw can handle your case matter which state your case is in. This is possible through a procedure called pro hoc vice.  It is were an out of state attorney is temporarily made a member of the bar for one specific case. Typically, in order to be admitted pro hoc vice, a local attorney must be retained to make sure the out of state attorney complies with rules peculiar to that state. As Mr. Shaw promises not to allow other attorneys to work on you file he felt it important that you understood this one exception to that rule. The good news is that Mr. Shaw is already admitted to practice in a number of jurisdictions so if you case is in one of them, no pro hoc vice attorney will likely be needed.  He is licensed to practice law before the Utah State Bar, Eighth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, United States Court of Federal Claims, United States Tax Court and the Supreme Court of the United States. 

     If you need a trusted, experienced legal advisor to personally get into the trenches and fight with you, contact Mr. Shaw.



Insurance Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

We sue insurance companies who refuse to pay.


  Insurance bad faith litigation

  Agent liability insurance

  Property insurance

  Mobile home insurance

  Homeowner's insurance

  Flood insurance

  Earthquake & Landslide insurance

  Renters insurance

  Liability insurance

  Professional liability insurance

  Casualty insurance

  Auto insurance

  Uninsured motorist

  Underinsured motorist

  Inland marine insurance

  Health insurance

  Medical insurance

  Major medical insurance

  Hospitalization insurance

  Disability insurance

  Death & Dismemberment insurance

  Accidental Death insurance

  Long-term care insurance

  Life insurance

  Keyman insurance

  Business Interruptions insurance

  Officers and Directors insurance

  Errors and Omissions insurance

  Crop insurance 

  Mortgage insurance

  Title insurance

  Travel insurance

  Flight insurance

  Named peril insurance

  All-risk insurance

  Umbrella insurance

  ERISA  insurance

  Niche insurance


  Retrospective insurance


  Construction bonds

  Surety bonds

No worker's compensation insurance


Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

We handle all aspects of Real Estate Law, from Evictions to High Rise Engineering Contracts.


  Real estate litigation


  Commercial acquisitions

  Land assemblage

  Grading contracts

  Construction contracts

  Construction defects

  Buy/sell agreements





  Vacating easements



  Inverse condemnation

  Homeowner's Association

  Covenants Conditions & Restrictions

  Environmental law 

  EPA superfund

  Soil contamination

  Clean-up compliance


  Quiet title

  Slander of title

  Title insurance


  Rental agreements

  Commercial rental agreements

  Landlord/tenant law



  Trespass by instrument

  Floods and flood waters

No water rights law  


Business Law

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Wills, Trusts & Estates

For many years we have been forming, merging, maintaining, advising, and litigating for all types of legal business entities.


  Business litigation


  Contract litigation

  Contract interpretation and review 

  Transactional work 

  Business consulting 

  Partnership, LLC and Corporate

  Formation, dissolution

  Buy/Sell, Merger

  Corporate governance

  Risk Management

  Piercing the corporate veil

  Asset protection

  Employment law 

No Securities Law


Wills, Trusts & Estates

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Being a former Trust Officer and Tax Court Litigator brings an added dimension to our Estate Planning work.


  Will Drafting

  Trust Drafting

  Charitable remainder trusts

  Dynasty trusts 

  GRAT trusts

  QPERT trusts

  Intervivos trusts

  Revocable trusts

  Irrevocable trusts

  Self-settled trusts

  Special needs trusts

  Springing trusts

  Testamentary trusts

  Transfers to and from trusts

  Intentionally defective trusts



  Health care directives

  Power of attorney

  Durable power of attorney


Accepting new Clients


No. We're very sorry but we are not accepting new cases at this time.

  We advise, in the strongest terms possible, that you consult with another attorney to learn how long you have to file a claim before considering whether to wait. Moreover, we advise that it may be a year or more before we resume taking new cases.  


Yes. We are accepting new cases.

 This is not a guarantee that your case will be accepted. 


While Mr. Steven W. Shaw has handled, and will continue to handle, legal matters in many different states, Utah is the only state where he consistently maintains a license to practice law. Any work performed or opinions given by him to persons or businesses outside of Utah are general in nature and are not state specific.